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Windows Live

Developer Microsoft

Windows Live is a set of services partly comprising online in-browser applications and partly desktop apps. It aims to offer ...

Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE

Developer Microsoft

Microsoft Games for Windows latest Live version 3.0 is the most stable gaming platform for Windows. It is the outcome of ...


Developer The EasyUEFI Development Team

WinToUSB is intended to install a completely functional copy of Windows on an external storage device. This way, it creates a ...

Folder Size for Windows

Developer Brian Brio Oraas

Folder Size for Windows is a neat and handy extension for the Windows Explorer, meant to make it easy to see the sizes of the folders and ...

Windows Password Finder

Developer Aminisoft, Inc.

Windows Password Finder is a utility that allows you to reset lost Windows administrator and user passwords instantly. ...

Sony Player Plug-in for Windows Media Player

Developer Microsoft

The Sony Player Plug-in makes it possible to play compressed IC Recorder voice files (.DVF and .MSV) with Windows Media ...

Windows Media Format SDK

Developer Microsoft

The Windows Media Format SDK provides application developers with access to the components of the ...

Windows 8 Beta

Developer Microsoft

This software not based on real windows 8 OS. This is a simple simulator for Windows8. Therefore, disk memory of ...

Windows XP Product Key Finder-Lite - software for

Developer BonCut Software

It happens sometimes that you want to reinstall your windows, and you need to start afresh. For that purpose you need the product key of your ...

Portlock Windows Update Manager

Developer Portlock Corporation

Portlock Windows Update Manager provides systems with the latest Windows Updates and does not require the use of Internet Explorer. ...

Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility

Developer Microsoft

This Windows operating system supplemental utility restores backups made on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server ...

Smart Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Pro


Smart Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Pro is a well-known tool to clean windows installer error. The Windows Installer is ...

Windows Live Password Recovery

Developer Reactive Software

Windows Live Password Recovery is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows you to instantly find, decrypt & recover Windows Live ...

Windows Messenger Remover

Developer Chunky Pig

Windows XP has what is called Windows Messenger built in. This pesky program runs everytime windows ...

Windows Hide Master

Developer GigaMind Systems

Windows Hide Master is powerful but easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs. Windows Hide Master allows you to hide (and ...